Monday, March 31, 2008

Excuz me boss,can't you mind your own business????

Well,that's pretty big for a title,isn't it??? But,after all,something is better than nothing rite??
I haven't posted for nearly a month except that technical one which dealt with Robotics.So,i thought,why not try something out of the routine, for a post.Let's forget Sehwag's triple ton,Chelsea's hard earned victory and Manu's and Ronaldo's awesome run of form.
You always meet different kind of people in your day to day life.And you can classify them into different categories based on what you feel about them.One group which disgusts me is the one which concerns itself with other's business.I am sure every one of us would've experienced such people in life while some of us may or rather might belong to that class. Doing that very rarely can be chucked away in the name of excess care but I've known people who think they're here to guide people around them.This topic came to ma mind today in ma gym when a guy was sorta going around everyone checking whether what they were doing was right or wrong,as if he came to do exactly that.Well,he can do that if he's a close associate of Arnie or Ronnie,which i am sure he's not.
That is just an example.I've known guys in ma school and in college, complaining that this guy talks too much with this girl.That's really absurd.On second thought, may be they oughtta give a damn if they were having an eye for the chick but i really don't think that's the case most of the time.Coz' when you ask them about the girl,they'd be like 'I'd rather die than speaking with her'.
I think i've gonna bit outta bounds myself here.But,lemme tell this,if anyone felt like he was referred to here,please try to change yourself.But being like this is not the end of the world though.You can take heart from the fact that there's a worser class which thinks "I am always Best in whatever i do,and i want others to do it my way".I say this to those 'JUST FUCK OFF'....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


It is said that man's brain lets him down in times of crises.Especially, when the weight of saving hundreds of lives rests on his shoulders.Disarming of bombs is one such thing,where a simple mistake will cost us dearly.All said,when we try to come up with a solution ,only one thing comes to mind,ROBOTICS.The mission we are going to engage ourselves with is,forming a troop of robots,which specialize in three different fields,namely: 1. Evacuating the said spot. 2.Detection of bombs. 3.Recognition of the type,disarming and disposal of the bomb.We are planning to concentrate on making a previously designed robot specialize in these feilds over the next few months. A question that remains to be answered is,"why can't humans continue to operate in these fields?",the answers are: 1.A robot does not feel flustered in a crisis. 2.The efficiency can be taken to greater levels. 3.And even if a mission fails,the life of a robot is not as valuable as that of a human. Even then,the most complex electronic or electrical circuit in this universe is a product of man's brain.So,we also have to undertake the job of upgrading the robot's intelligence time and again and hopefully,in the near future,need not operate it manually and let it make its own decisions through Artificial intelligence.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An awesome day.......

Few of u know what ma orkut profile name is,at this moment ie as i am postin this.....It is "yesterday was gr8,today??even better"...that really has an inner meaning to it....COz,yesterday we,a bunch of guys in the ncc, had to stay in the college coz today was our Ncc day celebrations.....
The fact that i've never got the chance till now to live in hostel,really made it a dream come true for me,and many of the others i suppose.....Honestly,right from ma childhood i've been devoted to ma 2 schools in which i studied to a gr8 extent...i really liked to roam in the corridors alone in the chilly mornings once i reached the school pretty early because of my tutoring timings......But never did i get a chance to stay because of any reasons....coming back to yesterday....we actually were fatigued after hours of practice in the sun for today's event....but then we were allowed to have a break at around 5 and we decided 'twas time to play......and then back to the big hall where we were supposed to sleep......I never really kept track of the time on such an excitin evening,so i hope i am right in saying that we had to go to the mess for our supper at 8 or so....came back at around 9 and i couldn sleep immediately coz the sentry duty between 10 and 12 was assigned to me and one of ma friends...It was really fun chattin in the cool mists of night about how we enjoyed what we were doing.....And then of course i went off ter sleep and we all got up at 5 and had a comic sports drill at half past 5 in the morning....came back took bath and got ready for the stage which had been set....Even if i were to ever forget this day i am sure i would never forget the day which i got the chance to stay in ma college,whch is the day before.....