Thursday, October 16, 2008


RAhman's really god!!just listen to d song in the video!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

To DADA ,with LOVE...

Let's go back precisely 35 years and 91 days..

A little boy,named Saurav Chandidas Ganguly,was born to ,one of the richest men in kolkata.Nicknamed 'maharaja' at that age,he was inspired by his brother into the field of cricket.And arrogance was something present deep within his marrow,perhaps,a little too much.Because many of his fellow players in the St.Xavier's school complained about this trait of his,during his stint as the school skipper.

And NOW after all these years,it is still his 'so called' ATTITUDE towards the game,which is raising many a brow!!But just damn with those people!!This guy did what no other indian captain had did!!India winning overseas no longer remains a vision,it became truth only during his stint!!It's only amusing to think that this is the man who has scored the most runs by an indian after his gritty comeback in South africa.Of course,this guy was not as great as sachin was,but only a few people can be as good a captain as he was!The days when he,along with Wright, made india into what it is,will remain in the heart of any true Indian fan for the rest of his life.Everything started with that dumb Chappell's stint as the coach!Now this all might sound like this guy can never bat,but of course he can!!Ask the ball,whose bat caresses it best,and it'll tell you 'DADA'..And coming to the name,many current players owe their careers to this man!Remember the ad where he used to chant for our country during the period where he was sidelined,it'll remain to be one of the best ever ads i have ever seen or will ever see in ma life.Remembering that ad,it is pretty tough to believe that this guy has all that arrogance.But,honestly,if you ask many of his true fans inlcuding me,we'll accept with a big grin that,it was this ARROGANCE and ATTITUDE of his that all of us love!!We don't want some dravid(no offence to him though!!) shaking hands with say,Ponting..We need a DADA,who'll stare him right in the eye.

Now,let's come to the present.Will the horse last one more RAce???And will it end as THE winner which all of us want it to be?? the answer lies in the next few days!!