Saturday, August 23, 2008

Moments when words don't do all the talking!!!

'JULY 16,2005
It is 4.30 in the morning..I get up,do all the usual stuff and start for my math class!!!As usual i am late,and of course getting in is not a problem when it is Mrs.Malathi taking the class..'NO OFFENSE'..With some wide mouthed yawns in between the clock slowly ticks up to 6.30 n Bang!!,Mam 'calls it a day' in her usual style..I couldn't leave for my house because..My four month long holidays were finally over.

I still remember the day,like it was only yesterday.The excitement,the tension,old re unions,new friends,new surroundings(it's very easy to say that..initially i found it too hard to live in!!) and a whole lot of new things.And the days that were to come,they were even better..Better to the point of making a single tear drift down my cheeks while my lips are twirled into a silly smile,when i think of them..It's funny how even a single bench can make you remember so many things,leave alone people n places!!And time's really quick.When you realize,you are gonna miss something,half of it is already out of your reach..And when people get a chance to live with something they are missing very much,they'll grab it with both hands without even the slightest doubt!!'

The bus gives a jerk and i see places i've been yearning to see for almost a year now,but didn't get a chance to see. I can see the yellow board saying ITALIA clearly even through my moist eyes!!Finally,i was gonna see all those faces I've missed these many days!!I walk the usual way,taking in every yard slowly(don't mind all the exaggeration,i am one of a kind) ..I can picture the track 'tanha dil' inside my head!!How many times have i walked through this same road with a bag over ma shoulders with a coupla friends who were always there for me.Suddenly i feel some boom under my legs n i think to myself,'seems our school has used some awesome sound systems'..But,a few yards later i find that all that 'booms' were due to the cars that were checking their newly installed sound systems..I see a familiar wave!!(i had called ma buddy ashwin to come n give me some company while getting into the school),n i happily take the few steps to school along with him..And the next two hours just flew off!!

And after nearly 25 hours i can still hear all those voices inside my ears and will be able to do so for some days to come..Schooling, is definitely one cherished period of every human being's life!!! I miss ya all friends!!!