Friday, May 30, 2008


Nearly a month of boredom,twenty five days of the 'so called' hard work,some hundred hours of sleep in between,two weeks of anxiety and headache and pressure,and a week of utter nonsense.Finally it's over.It's time to give out a sigh of relief.The consequences,or the results,to be more precise can be thought of later,at least in my case.I am sure most of you figure out what am talking about.But if you haven't done still,it's about my recently concluded annual exam in college(no semester pattern for the first years).What else???Super Kings manage to inch through into the final four in the Indian premier league,but largely due to the excellent start they got in the tournament.Thankfully, i need not worry about killing time in these holidays because of the ongoing IPL and the upcoming EURO 08.And coming to Euro,i am really impressed with the Portuguese line up,which has 'DECO NANI CARVALHO RICARDO' among the others.Wondering why i haven't mentioned the 'so called' player of the decade 'CRistiano Ronaldo'??Well,i loathe him.Anyways now that he's the Portuguese skipper,i must only hope that he does well.The Other sides which my bets are on are GERMANY and NETHERLANDS and of course France and Italy have always done well in this stage.Let us see what happens..
And i got to watch "THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM" starring Jet li and Jackie chan among others.I liked the movie and was amazed by the stunt sequences in the film.But the story line could have been a bit more realistic..