Friday, May 28, 2010


'There are few things more beautiful than the sight of a woman(or an adolescent girl) turning scarlet'!

There is definitely an incident behind this. I just wanted to remember it. So thought i'd make a post :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Crush


He was walking down the road. His mind free of all thoughts. That was when a little drop, ever so slowly, fell on his hand. To him, there were few feelings better then to walk in a slight drizzle. His mom had tried to condemn him from doing that, when he was young, but only in vain. He was walking forward, but ironically his thoughts went back to the day when he first did this. He could still remember his mom’s exact words. ‘ It wouldn’t take much long for me to get there! ‘ She probably didn’t realise then, that this was a kid who wouldn’t budge at the slightest of threats.  .

It all came suddenly to him. It was like, what hit him wasn’t a drop , but an avalanche of memories. His mind wasn’t free of thoughts any more. He was thinking of a lot of things, suddenly. too much for his mind to handle. He tried to concentrate on what was causing all the trouble. He couldn’t ! He kept trying. Suddenly his thoughts focussed on one face. It amazed him just how much he loved her eyes. Those tender brown eyes, which had a special toast of naughtiness stored for him every time he saw them. And now it was time for his thoughts to freeze. .

It was some time before he could control his thoughts again, some time before he started walking again. He was wondering what made him get to that state. And then he got that particular memory..733599_walking_in_the_rain

‘He was around 14 then. He had gone over to his cousin’s for his vacation. He had gotten out of the house the moment it started to look like it was going to pour. He went and made himself comfortable on the place where he always sat. It slowly started to drizzle. There was nothing in the world that could give him this exact feeling : Being there all by himself, trying to enjoy nature, for what it was. That was when he had the feeling that he was not alone after all! He didn’t bother. He wasn’t to be disturbed right now! It was his moment of Serenity.  And then he heard her voice. It was like, it reached him past all the droplets that were trying to keep him occupied. He couldn’t resist finding the one who was distracting him! Not that he liked it! It was all gone now! The rain was heavier now. Not his favourite part. Slowly, two girls appeared. Slightly drenched. Trying to get some cover, apparently. He started to leave. And just then did he see her face. Those brown eyes. Laughing at this stupid guy who hadn’t cared to move when the rain was lighter. He couldn’t move anymore.  . ‘

He never got hold of how he moved from that place that day. Slowly they became friends. Young people who complemented each other like the Sun complementing the Clouds. To him, she was never ‘just’ a friend. If there was one thing he wanted take to his grave,it was  her eyes. Somewhere down there, he told her how he felt about her. She was the only person who he confided in, everything. Life was never the same after that . . .


All those thoughts made him ‘smile’ all through his way. It was 8 years since then. He was still walking when a slight nudge on his shoulders made him stop. He turned, only to look at the brown eyes he’d never stop looking at!


P.S : Some crushes vanish in an instant as if they never happened, but some do last LONG!