Friday, March 27, 2009

Bucket list!!

It's been sometime since my last post!! What else to blame but,lack of time and topics!!And one reminder that am a football freak,the premier league is reaching its business end!!And it seems it is getting a bit too close for United's liking,but like one of ma friends says,its not as close as it looks!!How much i wish that could be false!!!!I wish it wouldn't be a clean sweep of titles by the Devils this time around..

Coming to normal things now,I've been watching lots of movies lately,apart from being 'addicted' to 'HEROES' TV show. The latest in that list...The Bucket List...I actually wasn't completely aware of the plot until i saw the movie,but downloaded it because of the 2 great actors it casts. And only 2 hours before seeing this one today,i saw 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest' and was indeed impressed by the younger Nicholson.So i decided to sit down and watch this movie,even though a friend of mine had said that it was a slow but meaningful story.It was exactly that.But it left me with one clear idea of what i might try to do in my later days! Am getting my list ready.'Driving a Gallardo', for one!!Ideas ,anyone???