Saturday, July 26, 2008

Out of the dark, comes the who???

One month ago, there was a video one of my friends had uploaded into his pod,that all the others seemed very much interested in.Only later did i come to know that it was the trailer of a movie that was supposed to be releasing some twenty days from that day(which was a week ago!!!).Yet,when i heard the movie name i wasn't really interested in anything about it.After all,it was the movie of the super hero i never really liked,let alone the others in the cast.Now after all these days i realize i couldn't have been more mistaken.Because,today morning i got to see the movie along with three friends of mine(two of them were seeing it for the second time,and yet they were on the edge of their seats right through).And that really did make me interested in THE BATMAN.I wouldn't really call it a Super Hero movie though .Guess,what I'd call it??? A Super Villain movie(You must see Ledger saying 'Why so serious' with a wicked smile in his face to get what i mean!!!) .After all that my friend had said about his performance this past week,it really amazes me how a man can appear to be so casual when giving one of the greatest performances ever(Unfortunately his last too!!).Let's hope he gets the Oscar for his 'swan song' of a performance.But,of course he has given good performance earlier which,however would be no match to this.Okay,let's forget the Joker(i really can't).Every one in this cast was really awesome ,playing their part to perfection.I don't want to spoil the story by telling it here,but those who are curious can always ask wiki!!!And to complete the title now,Outta of the dark comes the KNIGHT(i really hope he keeps coming and Joker too!!!)