Thursday, June 17, 2010

The beautiful game!

Growing up in India had me loving a sport more than anything else. Cricket. There were nights spent banging the ball i had tied up in a sock, inspired by Rahul doing the same in a Coke ad. Although i can laugh now at my attempts being futile, i did try my hand at becoming a professional, like every other Indian child. My friends and parents know the lengths i went, to follow the game i loved. But  sadly, my love for the game has dwindled over the past few years. Although not the sole reason, one of the prominent reasons will have to be, a completely different sport,played with the same number of players in either team.


The beautiful game , indeed! Soccer. It probably started with the pc games i used to play, shooting in 5-goals-per-game using a certain Henry or Zidane. As i grew up, so did my passion for a game, which ought to be loved by anyone who understands it! IS there any better feeling for a midfielder than to see an amazing long ball converted! Is there any better feeling for a striker, than to strike with  a perfect volley! Is there any better feeling for a defender, than to win the ball with a perfect tackle! None, on all three counts, i should say.

Week in and week out, players wrestle it out in the name of domestic rivalries and cups. But when it comes to the World cup, they forget their domestic standings and go out and play in their national colours, as proudly as ever. Different styles of play appeal to different groups of people : The ever so flowing game of Spain and Brazil,Argentina; The irritatingly defensive but effective play of Italy ; the total football played by Netherlands and the list could go on. I should admit, as a true fan, that it is irritating when people start to talk as if they know everything about the game only when the worldcup is going on! But no one can help it i guess. Afterall,

‘Football fever is something doctors have found no cure for!’