Sunday, November 22, 2009

Life and the Ride.

The road was almost empty. I could feel the urge to drive her crazy! No offence, but am referring to my bike. The blood was rushing into my forearms asking me to open throttle to the maximum. It was actually a fly over i was riding on,so the wind wouldn’t stop me from wanting to do the same. But i decided to take it slow. I am always glad when i am in some place which can be considered as a vantage point to its surroundings. And i never really like it when i can feel my bike strain under the acceleration i give it. So there i was,going in the optimum speed that she loved moving in. And suddenly a thought occurred to me.


How simple and enjoyable driving around the city can be,if the roads were this empty and the sight was clear. The air,if not completely polluted,is sweet when it gushes into whatever place it can find in our face. It makes life seem so simple.It gives you a moment of serenity to ponder on things. How easy life would be,if it had none of the twists and turns!How easy it’d be if there is no one blaring at you to keep moving! But take my word,it can be boring like that. How it’d be to wake up and see a winner in the mirror everyday in the morning. After two days,i’d want to lose. Because losing gives all the more value to winning. And for winning you need competition. More than that,Life could be boring without all its twists and turns.

And bored i was.. When all those philosophical thoughts creped into my head. We got to live the hard way right. Traffic,here i come!