Sunday, March 28, 2010


Tiny globules of liquid, they are.
Burdened with one's feelings and emotions ;
Feelings of unbearable pain,unbounded joy ;
Feelings of eternal glory, everlasting despair;
Feelings of separation;Feelings of union;
Feelings of birth;Feelings of death;
Feelings of Love; Feelings of Hate;
Sometimes they just have to trickle down,
No matter, who you are!

My Last few hours as a Teenager.

Ah! So finally the day has to come, when i can no longer call myself a teenager. Looking back, it only makes me wonder what lies ahead. So i make this post, in dedication to the people who've always backed me up : my friends and my parents. Now to the interesting part: I wanted to put in words, the things(not exactly in one or two cases) which i found irresistible ( or finding) at some point or the other, in these twenty years. It is just my opinion and comments are welcome!

1. 'The opposite sex': I had this close friend of mine calling me a 'Casanova' once. No, am not that bad, but i honestly feel that i should fall under the category of guys, who need just a smile to get a crush. No offense intended to all the girls, but that's me being me. If there is one thing i wanted to change about myself, it'd be to get a stronger resolve!

2. Friends : It really is amazing, how a bunch of people can bring out the actual me, so easily. I might have only a handful of people whom i can call my close friends, but they make it up for the number being small. People, who i consider my close ones, really know how much they matter to me, so i don't think i have to tell them explicitly.I wish i've done enough to deserve them.

3.Being lavish : For a middle class guy, i am extraordinarily lavish! Ask my friends, they'll agree. Ask my Dad, he'll probably write a book on it. Ask me, I'll honestly admit. Another change i want on me is to not be lavish when I am actually not financially independent. All the Gadgets i've bought(and lost) over the years have to fall under this category :P

4. People who like me : Now, this is actually a tricky choice. There are people, who can act like they like you, without actually liking you. But i think i can tell the difference more often than not! And the people who are actually honest about this, are worth living for! It is the simple reason, a child might give, for thriving in a particular subject while performing miserably in the rest. These people are to be blamed, if i project myself as an uber-confident person. But their words are the ones which ring in my ears, when i feel very inferior to my surroundings.

I think this should do! If it was too boring, i apologize. I thought it was high time i posted something in my blog.