Thursday, December 25, 2008


Bikes are always considered a 'Macho' thing!Although there are a lot of 'the fairer sex' who ride super bikes these days ,you still can't expect a 'rossi a.k.a 46' among them!!When i was wondering,if i could make some post in my blog,yesterday, an R15 'wroom'ed past me and made me decide that the post will,once again,be on biking!!Bikes,always amazed me from my childhood,each having it's own reason! But only some months before ,did i acquaint myself to the technical part of biking!! Anyway,let's forget the technical part in this post.I wanted to decide on, which all will make my 'Ten Favourite Bikes'. Please note that this isn't a rating!!It's just a list of MY ten favourite bikes.And taste ,as always,can differ!!

1.Honda Stunner Cbf 125:

First up,i own this bike!!So,no wonder,it's the first in my list!!And secondly,it's a Honda!!I take great pride in owning this machine and would like to note about its ons n offs!!

Ons: Looks,performance,pickup for a 125cc , N so on!!;)
offs: pretty expensive in its class,Deceptive looks,but not so powerful engine!!

2.Yamaha R15

Bike of the year,if you ask me!!The kind of technology it comes with,can really blow any biker's mind off!!Good looks(but the rear tyre could've been bigger!!),good performance,'very' high price',and a bit low mileage!!

3.Karizma zma:

As an adolescent,i was very much crazy about Hrithik 'hunk' roshan.Actually,i am,still!! And when i saw that ad featuring him,along with this super cool bike,i suddenly found my spirit rising!!Even now,when i see a Karizma,on the road,i can lost rack of the road sometimes!! Excellent looks,powerful engine,standard round performance,decent mileage for its class!!

4.Yamaha FZ16

A sibling to the R15, Fz can be expected to give the same performance,if not more.
Comes with a Stocky muscular look,whic
h is further enhanced by the huge radial rear tyre!!Infact it reminds me of a Batpod!!;)India's first naked street bike!The Lord of the streets is here for everyone to hail!!

5.Yamaha RX100

Remember the slim bike which announced its arrival with its spectacular sound??
It w
as much ahead of its time!Even now,when i get to ride one,i can't stop myself from doing a wheelie because of the amzing pick up n power it gives!!The mileage could've been better though!!

6.The Bullet:

Should i tell more than that?!! Anyway,having that much power in its belly,it is any biker's dream ride!!I think the Post title suits this more than any other bike!!Any 'macho' gal to drive this one??!! Noway!!

7.Pulsar,the series:

Definitely male,was what the earlier ads had to say about this one.And it was!!But any day,i'd have liked to have the earlier one(i mean the one without the front mask),which enhanced the tank's already huge size!!And it's been a hit with various sections of the indian public,urging Bajaj to release various versions!!When's that 300cc pulsar gonna come roaring!!;)

8.CbZ Original and Extreme:

The Cbz always had something for avid bikers!Awesome pick up,suiting people who 'live life off the edge';) Its looks could've been better but still a good one from Hero Honda complementing Karizma!!

9.TVS Apache:
I just didn't want to add this in this list!But halfway through this post,i remembered those days in my first year of higher secondary school,when this bike was released!I was as crazy as anyone else in the city especially seeing the ad,'It's now or never'.But now am getting a bit bored of Apaches actually!!It's like, everywhere you turn you'll see an Apache!!Not very good looks,but excellent performance i must say with a lot of Vibes at top end speeds!!

10.HonDa FireBlade:

I know it's a Super Bike,but i just love this bike too much,to not include it in this list just because it's a super bike!!It's one of those bikes,with a name as sexy as it looks!And if you'd ask me to name one bike i'd love to ride before i end up in heaven,(ahem am a good boy!!) ,i'd go with this bike for some reason!!One word??: Mindblowing!!