Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yes or Yes?

He sat looking at a small sheet of paper in front of him. He remembered the countless number of times, this trick had helped him come out of a dilemma. Because he had figured at a very young age that, deep down, every question had only two answers; either yes or no. From the window close to him his eyes could note the first signs of activity of the day. Instead of registering what his eyes were seeing, his mind was pondering on the thing which had made him get up and sit with a paper, at 5 in the morning. He remembered

the incidents behind every sentence written on one column of the paper; the little snubs; the disappointments; the harsh words and the pointless arguments. He could feel everything as if they were happening right there in front of him. Only after writing had he realized that so many ‘yet-to-be-considered’ thoughts were stuck deep inside his head. .

But it was not like only one column of the paper was filled. There was the other side, filled with little things he felt when talking with her; little things that he wouldn’t tell others; little things he couldn’t name; the same little things that turned the frown on his face into a smile. He took his pen and wrote her name on the side which he’d always known to be the answer. And as if mirroring his thoughts, the fog outside his window cleared to give way to the beautiful blue sky.

P.S. We can always search for reasons for liking/disliking a person. But more often than not, it is an impulsive thing.