Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life and Change.

He entered an empty class room . He slowly walked to and sat on the place on which he’d spent almost every day of the last four years. He looked at the blackboard which had a few numbers chalked on it. Every memory came before his eyes. Every single one . .

He entered the room , after nervous queries to random people. His shirt was drenched with an insane amount of ‘flop sweat’. Few of the students, who were already there, took note of his arrival with neutral and nervous glances. He was wondering where to sit while making his first steps into his classroom and slowly made up his mind and walked towards the final bench. He had always liked positioning himself in vantage points . .

Now the scene slightly changed. The faces where no longer neutral. They had some expression or some movement in their lips when their eyes registered his arrival. It was almost eight months into college and he had grown a few friends and quite a few people who didn’t like being associated with him. It was one of the last days of the fresher year and people were starting to get a grip of the college life. He looked at the entire class on his entry with his eyes sharing a moment of personal contact with another pair which was taking note of his arrival. .

Next scene: Two and a half years into college, quite a few of his classmates accepted him for what he was and were pretty close to him. It is amazing how people can grow on you and how only a few ‘first impressions’ turn out to be accurate. He was settled in his college life with his circle of friends and they were having a fun time in the class of one of his favourite subjects taught by one of their favorite teachers. .

Next scene: Beginning of final year. College was his home away from home and friends were the family which mattered the most( at least at that point of time). Every teacher had to come to terms with their notorious behaviour but they never had a problem with handling their class because of a few amazingly talented souls. The classes and days flew away . .

Next scene, last few days of college life. He could feel it from the way people glanced at each other. They all knew it would never remain the same. They all knew everything was going to change. The mood was bittersweet because they had never felt that comfortable in each other presence and they all knew it could last only for a few days. .

Today: he had just had his farewell. Photos that will be cried at, were taken in abundance with people who will never fade from his heart. He knew that this wasn’t the last time he would see them all but something told him that this might very well be the last time he saw them all ‘TOGETHER’. He wiped off the tiny drops of tears from his eyes and got up to leave. .

Some gentleman told that ‘Change is the only constant and hanging on is the only sin’. Well, forgive me for sinning because I want to hang on to my college life, even if it is with the tiniest of threads.