Monday, January 10, 2011


He was finally at peace. With her by his side, where he
knew she always belonged. Nothing could compare with the
serenity and contented glow she always managed to bring
him. The past made him shudder. There had been so many
times when she had been so close and yet so far from him.
He shuddered, remembering the days he’d woken up in the
middle of the night, snapping out of yet another dream about
the hand which was always in sight, but was never his to
hold. He still had trouble believing that this wasn’t another
one of those dreams...

He’d always been the guy who was around to help her when there was anything bothering her from spats with her boyfriend to arguments with her friends or family.. he was always around, listening to her prattle on about everything under the sun. Yet he was certain that she wouldn’t have been as carefree with him, if she could look through his eyes and see what he saw when he looked at her.. He’d liked her from the first day they spoke to each other, and he liked the person he was, when he was around her. Then one day, she told him about the other guy in the picture. It broke his heart, but he could never bring up the courage to stop talking to her. He had a heart brimming with love, and he knew who he wanted to give it to, but he wasn’t sure if she’d ever want to accept it. He never considered telling her the way he felt; He was afraid, afraid that he’d confuse the already confused person that she was! On the many occasions she’d come to him crying and ranting about the feuds she had with the other guy, he had to grit his teeth to stop himself from pouring out his feelings. He knew she deserved someone much better, someone who understood, appreciated and loved every fibre of her being… and all he wanted was to be given a chance to be that guy! She treated him as the closest of close friends, yet he could never see her as just a friend. He knew that she was THE one… Then one day she came running to him with heart-stopping news..she’d broken up with the other guy. He was appalled at how she was taking it... She lost her characteristic sunny and cheerful manner. Even on the rare occasions that he got her to smile; he could see the muted pain deep in her eyes. He became the wall for her to lean on during those tough times. He was always there, to wipe her tears, to soothe her when she woke up out of a nightmare and to help ease the pain, to make her smile and to tell her that everything would be okay. He forgot all about his own hopes and feelings, all he wanted was for her to smile and be happy again.. Slowly he felt her healing and getting back to normal. But everything changed the day she slipped her hand into his, looked at him with shining eyes, and said, ‘I finally know what I want. It’s been right in front of me all along!’

P.S : Edited by someone with a far better grasp over the language than me ;) And the scenario was hers for me to paint :)