Friday, December 25, 2009

What it can do!

Actually this is in dedication to a friend of mine, as i had promised him. I may not do enough justice, but nevertheless, I'll  try.

' There are two kinds of guys, to my knowledge. The ones who yearn to find their soul mate and the others who leave it to the hands of time. People who know me, know which side of the coin i represent. A very close friend of mine, belonged to the latter type.  But he wasn’t one who hated the opposite sex. He did have his moments in school. But he never spent 90 % of his time talking about a girl/girls. I wouldn’t have bet my money on him changing himself over time. But that is what that 4 letter word is capable of , right! It makes the impossible, happen. Actually i don’t know whether something can be called ‘that’ at this age but knowing my friend, i think i should go by his word. He has been let down by her in all possible manner, but this guy is hands up for the phase  ‘keep trying’.  Now that i come to think of it,i am actually reminded of the character ‘Jacob Black’ from the twilight series when i think of what he’s going through. I only wish he succeeds in enduring this ordeal..Because if he doesn’t, i can see him getting hurt beyond imagination.’