Saturday, November 22, 2008

The sEnSaTiOn!!!!

'I take my position, adrenaline pumping and my pulse rate doubled.
I look deep into the 'long' road ahead.But,is it so long???
With a little press of my finger,12 horses try to leap forward into action,but i tell them,'Not now,you are not yet ready,some other day!!'.Ever so slowly,i start.It doesn't take much time for my hair to get ruffled.I am gaining speed.Not express,but not slow either!!I am getting used to being gaped at by onlookers these days.It's a completely different thing that,they are not gaping at me!.I take fresh air into my lungs(not so fresh though!!).Even before i realize,I've already reached the end of my 'long' road.I get down reluctantly,but its not long before i return back to the same position.I have a feeling of DEJA VU.Wondering what all this is about???I RIDE the SENSATION!!!'

Guess what I've been up to these days??Nothing!!!
Honestly,thanks to Anna university's Dumb 'no, we don't want u to be creative' syllabus,I've been up to 'Nothing' trying to prepare for my semester these days.However,on second thought,there's something else grabbing my attention with ease these days.That's my recently bought BIKE.Comes by the name of Stunner,and as I've tried to explain above,it really IS a Sensation!!A month back i wouldn't have thought I'd get myself a bike,leave alone a new one!!But thanks to one of my friends,i could pester my dad into buying me one!!It must be said that i spend most of my time looking at it in awe,rather than doing 'Nothing'.And in a week,I'd be given the license to abort doing 'Nothing',and take more long drives!!!!;)