Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nowhere to go????

It's been sometime since my last post..Fair enough,i haven't had anything interesting in life( not entirely true though,some days were interesting but for reasons i wouldn't blog;) ) I actually don't get too many topics these days. Am i undergoing a process of 'change' as person?? Now,coming to life currently, i have this 'I don't know where i am going' feeling all over my head. I mean there are a few in this side who i hear saying 'Dude, I've joined this GRE course.Looks like it is gonna be fun' and there is this other side where i hear few others saying 'CAT is good for people like us'. And there was this lecture this past week i attended, where a professor from IIT asked us to give GATE a try. Now that, did bring a bit of brightness into my dull life but the thing is i must thoroughly decide what i want to do. IT is surely not an interesting path as of now. But the question to which i must find an answer is,will i be able to do well in GATE. And to people who are still thinking SVCE is one heaven of a college, times have changed,sadly! My college is trying to bring in all these rules which most of the other colleges have, which i describe with the adjective silly. So life's boring and i am waiting for september 7th to lift my spirits;);)