Friday, April 25, 2008


Sometimes, somethings are better left unsaid.Take a look at this...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Eyes

Actually,i was bored with 'i did this-i did that' sorta posts and thought I'd try something a bit emotional this time.I had plenty of time to try though,thanks to my so called STUDY HOLIDAYS.I am not sure if it is a good try though....

"Life,was full of questions for him.He always kept wondering,why he was here.The answers kept coming,but their defects, even better. He never talked much,always questioning himself,'why this?' and 'why that?'.It all changed one day,when he found the answers for his infinite queries.The day,which he thought,defined the purpose of his life.Even now,after this many years,he wonders 'how could two white ellipses with circles within them,mean so much' to him.Everything changed that day.Whenever,he wanted to be heard,he was;Whenever,he wanted to be understood,he was.when,he wanted a reply,he got one.
Today,nearly 6 decades later,as he looked into those eyes again,but for one last time,he saw all those moments of joy and sorrow;he thought of the happiness they had shared and the sadness they had divided between themselves,tears of mixed emotions that they had shed.And yet,after these many years,it amazed him how much he loved those eyes of her.As he started to drift into eternity,as he contemplated that this was the last time he would see them,he realized that those were faster than his by seconds....."

Monday, April 21, 2008


It's Sunday evening and i am looking at Ishanth Sharma running in to bowl his first over in the match against Deccan chargers and on any other day i would've been glued to my seat without bothering about what's going on outside the 21 inches,but today isn't any other day,for some reason.I think about the next day ie. about the semester practical exams which i am scheduled to have and my casual attitude towards it.Things aren't going to get any better as far as my preparations are concerned and there is a reason behind it.I look at the clock and it's time for me to make a move.I get up,get started and catch the bus to my destination along with my mom.I get down and move inside just to see what lies ahead in the day:the place is crowded to the core and people are jostling with each other to get in.Now i am in and have to wait till it starts.In the mean time the no. of people keeps increasing and no one really cares if he/she has a place to sit or not.Now it's nearly time and after some Booms in the stage,Vijay athiraj comes running in and does what an anchor usually does when in Chennai,but the people are like "c'mon we're not here to see you, so please move on!!!!!",and finally he does.The One we are waiting for , makes his way to the center of the stage in his usual calm n composed manner and there he is.A.R Rahman is standing right before us,some 50 metre from me and addresses chennai in his lovable mother tongue.While many of us in the crowd are still wondering how someone that great could be this simple,he starts off the proceedings with his own number from Azhagiya Tamizh magan.From then on everything is in fast forward and a number of hit songs of his are sung by himself and many other renowned artists like Hariharan, Madhushree,Karthik,Nithyashree,Neethi Raman(this girl really amazed me with her dual talents),Shankar Mahadevan,Javed ali.The Concert finally comes to an end with 'vande matharam' and it is nearly 10.30 when i am out of the place.On my way back I wonder,'Is this what people call RahMania????'....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The BEautiful game At its BEst..

After trying hard not to dedicate a complete post to Soccer esp. premiership, i have to accept ma failure.Because now that we're reaching the business end of the season,the beautiful game is at its best.So i tell this,football maniacs go on,but others please think twice before doing so.Coming back to the point,I was never in ma life this much associated with this premiership (along with the champions league that is)thing ,but now it doesn't allow me to read nor sleep.I've been long breaking my head whether to be a BLue* or a Red*,but now i must take a decision.Because,both of them are in the semis of Uefa and go on head to head twice in the weeks to come.And this weekend we have a cracker of a contest between League leaders ManU and Arsene wenger's Gunners which could go a long way in deciding who the Champions are.And things aren't looking bad in Champion's league either.Three of the four teams in the semis i will support without any problems with the exception being ManU.But i really liked the way they played against Roma after their skipper's successful comeback after 13 months.I really liked the way Giggs came running n gave him the Traditional arm band which was waiting to go back into its real master's arms.
With the stage set for a number of cracking contests,ManU and Chelsea will be on their Quest for eternal glory this season,now that a FA cup victory is ruled out for both the teams.But now i have decided who am gonna support though:the side which will try n reach its fourth final in five years under rafa.Anything for Steven G.