Sunday, June 14, 2009

'Cup kahinn tho janna padega'!!

I am one 'angry' fan as of now!

We have the best team that could possibly have put up a title defense,thanks to the IPL. But now, I feel like an idiot,having hoped that this team would bring the cup back.'Cup kahin tho jaanna padega'!All that potential on paper,that could blow off any opposition on its day.It's only sad that,we got our 'day' only in the practice match,against Pakistan.I would've been happy,if we had been gracious in defeat,at least,like Ireland,for instance.God knows what they could've done with a squad like ours!And am still wondering why i don't remember any 'short pitch stuff' planned on Raina in the IPL,when he's pathetically weak when the ball's directed towards his head.And i guess,Viru must be one happy man now.I still don't know if his injury is real or not,but i bet he would've done better against the short pitch stuff!And Dhoni. He's in the action during the matches alright.But sadly,more of that action is during the breaks,in the ads!I know its bad to praise a man when he wins and loathe him when he fails,still,i always thought Dhoni was overrated in everything he did.

But if there is on player who am happy about,it is Yuvi.He did show us his class,which he has in abundance.