Friday, October 16, 2009

A week To remember!

At the start of the week,i probably couldn't have asked for more! And by week,i mean the 7 days from last Friday till 23 minutes ago!It has been one week i probably won’t forget for a very long time to come! Let me go back through it!

It was 9 in the morning! I got up ever so lazily,with the sun already glancing at me with a hint of jealousy from up there in his position,through whatever gap my window would allow. I had decided to bunk that day due to the various commitments that i had and of course,there was the annual day that was to come,later that day.But nothing went the way,i had thought it would! But there was more than that! While i was driving through the roads which have seen much of me from my childhood,i got to see the  mam who is the reason behind my love for math.I followed her car,only to be greeted by her in the most familiar way of hers and it was no surprising that she remembered me! I am always a bit haughty of the fact that,my teachers can never forget me !Not with the name i have;) Anyways it was good to see her after such a long time! Back to my ‘commitments’ now! When i returned home,relieved of my commitments i was a bit pissed at my clock which showed 6.30! I was supposed to go to an annual day! I started in a hurry only to reach my school at 7.00. And then,time flew by like anything!! Once i get into those corridors,i forget everything about my present! It’s like i was having a long forgotten dream! I wouldn’t forget the minutes i spent that day ,chatting inside my higher secondary class rooms for many days to come!And then we went to our school terrace. And spoke of the things i miss so much in life…….

Saturday was special of course!It was special for reasons i don’t want to publicize,but my close buddies already know the reason:) Anyways let’s go to Sunday now..


It was around 1.00 in the afternoon when i was walking the straight road to ma friends’ place in Porur.Some 2 hours went by and we started on the long drive to some place called ‘Seyyur’.Travelling with friends is always amazing and that day was no exception! We finally reached the place around 6 30 only to find the place flooded with traffic.It was worth it though!When we got settled,at around 7.00,there was the man,himself!You wouldn’t believe it when i say,he’s the one who got 2 Oscars in the same night!And then what else to expect,but MAGIC! Not 1 or 2 but 4 hours of magic.You never know,what music is capable of!And when it comes from somewhere near ARR, you can have no idea!Am not getting very much into what he sang and stuff.Because,regardless of what he sings or who others are present,Rahman’s capable of making the clock stop ticking!We came home around 3 only to get up 7 to get ready to college:((

Saturday,Monday and Wednesday were all special for the same reason!The one reason which makes this week all the more special for me!

And the week couldn’t have ended on a better note!This is the first time ever,that i am surprising a friend on his Birthday! It ended up as a ‘no’ surprise because of me being late( a habit of mine these days!) but it was special nevertheless!

I  almost forgot! Nia celebrated her first Birthday this week too.